Martha Stewart Restaurant Coming to Vegas

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Perhaps you’ve heard rumors of a new Martha Stewart restaurant that would soon be opening in Las Vegas. And if so, we’re now happy to confirm that the rumors are true, and the eatery will open at the Paris Casino sometime this spring. In what is being described at a “fully immersive” experience, the concept of the restaurant will focus on Martha’s country farmhouse from New York. Martha and her team are developing delicious, seasonal dinner, weekend brunch, and holiday menus that feature exceptional quality and creativity. Signature menu items will be created from sourcing seasonal, high-quality ingredients from various local purveyors and some of Martha’s personal favorites, including the Las Vegas Farmers Market.

Caesars Entertainment made it official when they announced the opening of the new Martha Stewart restaurant, and confirmed some details like the name, which will be The Bedford by Martha Stewart. Caesars says the Martha Stewart restaurant will serve delicious, seasonal dinners, as well as a weekend brunch. The 194-seat establishment will also have holiday menus, offering dishes that will have quality and creativity. Designed by Martha herself, the restaurant draws inspiration from Martha’s country farmhouse.

Martha’s functional and practical lifestyle takes center stage in her thoughtfully appointed décor, which embraces a neutral color palette that acts as a perfect backdrop to four seasons of color. For her part, Martha shared that the meals will be delicious, and the same sorts of foods she serves to her friends and family. The restaurants architecture and ambiance will echo the atmosphere you would find in her Bedford home, and draw much from various elements from her life. So, good luck getting a reservation!


Author: Sean Rogers